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    Alex Fieldcamp is a member of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in Worldwide Affairs, a New York-based organization that seeks to identify the most serious ethical challenges confronting international commerce and politics. Members of the Carnegie Council bring together global professionals to debate and propose morally sound solutions to ethical concerns, as well as to educate audiences worldwide on global ethics.

    Fieldcamp, in addition to his work with the Carnegie Council, has been a long-term volunteer with the New York Common Pantry, an organization devoted to decreasing hunger in New York City. Volunteers at the New York Common Pantry serve in a variety of capacities, including providing hot meals to those in need, filling food pantries to assist families in stocking their kitchens, and working special events.

    Alexander Fieldcamp is also a member of El Museo del Barrio's Young Members Committee. El Museo is one of the few organizations in New York City dedicated only to promoting the art and culture of Latin American and Latin American artists.

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    With the help of cryptocurrency, users can transact online without a mediator (bank) or another...
      A variety of social factors influence cryptocurrency use. These include perceived danger,...
    In recent years, the use of cryptocurrencies has surged. They are currently worth trillions of...
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